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What is CelVio Complex®?

Our CelVio Complex® represents the core of the spermidineLIFE® and nadLIFE® products from Longevity Labs+. It is a distinct extract from wheat germ that contains 100% natural spermidine. This spermidine is obtained through a special extraction process that we developed together with the University of Graz to ensure that the ingredients are obtained gently.

We focus on pure nature - from the beginning to the end of production. The wheat germ is processed completely untreated WITHOUT the addition of artificial spermidine. Using water as a solvent, we remain true to naturalness in every single production step.

CelVio Complex® is the result of a unique extraction process that preserves the natural ingredients of wheat germ.

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Unique extract - clinically tested²

Naturalness and Safety

The natural spermidine present in the wheat germ is carefully extracted from the germ and concentrated to create our unique extract. We focus on 100% naturalness to ensure our highly sensitive body is not exposed to any danger.

spermidineLIFE® is the only spermidine product on the market worldwide that has already been used in the present dosage and concentration as a study medication in humans and the Charité University Medicine in Berlin has confirmed its safety and tolerability.

The AGES (Austrian Agency for Food Safety) and the EFSA (European Food and Safety Agency) have classified spermidineLIFE® as a "novel food" in a complex process. In these publicly accessible documents, you can read that the spermidine concentration in CelVio Complex® has been limited by the EFSA to a maximum of 2.4 mg spermidine per gram of wheat germ extract, and we certainly adhere to this. The safety and tolerability of the product and, above all, the health of our customers are the most important to us.

What does CelVio Complex® consist of?

In addition to spermidine, CelVio Complex® contains all the other components of wheat germ such as spermine, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

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Confirmed by experts

Scientific support and safety

Product development is supported by the largest scientific advisory board on the subject of spermidine, which includes researchers from many specialist areas from all over the world and thus always takes the latest research results into account. Safety and tolerability have been confirmed by Charité University Medicine in Berlin, among others.

Origin of the name "CelVio"

Cel stands for Cella, the cell, and Vio for walk or travel, symbolizing the new path or life cycle of the cell.