Our products from the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Our products from the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Do you know Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) developed in the post-war period in the Western world and combines a variety of ancient Chinese healing methods. It is based on the Yin Yang theory. These two opposite poles, Yin and Yang, are interdependent, collide with each other and are even part of each other. In doing so, they complement each other instead of "fighting" against each other. While yin represents the earth, the night, coldness, and femininity, yang symbolizes the sky, the day, warmth, and masculinity. Grounded in these two poles, TCM is based on five pillars, one of which is nutrition. And that' s where the path to our products is short!

The wheat germ - our little miracle (all products)

In TCM, the positive effect of wheat is found in the germ. In Chinese medicine it is called "Xiao mai ya" and is said to have a cold thermal effect. This means that it can extract heat from the body. Wheat germ is especially popular for constipation, gastritis or chronic intestinal diseases. However, the coolness of wheat also shows pleasant effects on heat in other functional circuits, such as the liver or the heart.

For women, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the wheat germ also has another effect: Due to its high content of vitamins, proteins and trace elements, the germ nourishes the blood. Especially in case of weak menstruation, iron deficiency or during pregnancy, this can be good for the body!

Since the wheat germ nourishes the yin, it can also have a positive effect during menopause. The consumption can be beneficial for hot flashes, night sweats and sleep disorders. Excess heat is reduced by strengthening the yin.

Zinc (all products)

Another ingredient of our products is also very popular with TCM. Zinc, like the wheat germ, nourishes the Yin. A blood-nourishing effect is also attributed to zinc!

Shiitake mushroom (spermidineLIFE® Immunity+)

Not only the ingredients of our original product play a major role in TCM. Other ingredients of our products are also known and highly sought after in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not without a good reason! For instance, the shiitake mushroom is called the "king of mushrooms". It has numerous special constituents. However, the shiitake mushroom is not only known for its health benefits because of these ingredients. It is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some of these effects have also been scientifically proven[1]:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Strengthening properties in case of viral, fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections
  • Improvement of the resistance to cancer
  • Lowering of the cholesterol level
  • Protective function for the liver

Saffron and Brahmi (spermidineLIFE® Memory+)

Saffron also enjoys great popularity in TCM. The functional circuits of the spleen, heart, liver, and kidney respond best to saffron, with the spice stimulating qi (= life force) in these circuits. Therefore, saffron is particularly used in TCM to treat depression, nervousness, cramps, and bruises.

Last but not least, the positive effects of Brahmi are also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Brahmi is used in TCM mainly because of its positive effect on memory. As a "memory herb" it is used by healthy people and people with memory disorders alike.

As you see, our products not only contain excellent ingredients from a Western medical point of view; Traditional Chinese Medicine also agrees!




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