Nutrition tips for a long and healthy life: Balanced diet with food blogger CookingCatrin and spermidineLIFE®

Nutrition tips for a long and healthy life: Balanced diet with food blogger CookingCatrin and spermidineLIFE®

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"You are what you eat" - this saying does not come from nowhere, because a constantly poor diet can lead to many problems in the long run. So how can you maintain a balanced diet to stay fit and healthy for a long time, and is there a trick or two?

That's exactly what we asked food blogger and passionate cook Catrin, also known as CookingCatrin on social media.

Catrin, what constitutes a healthy and balanced diet for you?

A conscious separation between everyday and festive cuisine. What I mean by that is to take up again more what was unconsciously lived in grandma's times. We ate vegetarian, vegetable-heavy, simpler and also less, five to six days a week, lived and cultivated a vegetarian, seasonal everyday cuisine. Festive dishes came then on Sunday and on the holidays on the table. This made a more balanced diet possible. Based on our current energy consumption and our current knowledge about food and ingredients, this conscious separation is ideal and does not require any renunciation. For me personally and with our many trips, I often consciously separate travel times and home times (since we eat a lot and also much richer food while traveling than at home). Variety is also very important to me personally: trying new dishes and eating colorful and varied, while regional and seasonal. That is my credo for balance.

In your recipes you pay special attention to...

Success certainty and "rough" cut but with a special spin, a creative way of arranging or most of all love to revive modern classics from grandma's kitchen, to bring them into the here and now. Besides a modern Austrian cuisine, my heart is attached to bella Italia, so I created my own kitchen line with #cucinacatarina.


What is your opinion about functional food and which additional ingredients do you not want to miss anymore?

Absolutely important and right, so you can do your body good and boost or expand the natural, healthy substances contained in various foods. Essential for me is the sound basis so less to pay attention to advertising imprints, but by a superfood combination (bowls in sweet or spicy form are for example ideal) to create the basis itself or consciously supplement my diet.

Have you always paid attention to spermidine content in your recipes or how did it come about?

Honestly, no! When the topic became trendy I once dealt with it in the form of an article about food trends and came across it. The topic, which was very new at that time, interested me in the long term and so it came about (also to the common idea) to develop recipes with a high spermidine content. The topic is very exciting and gets a lot of interest in society and gets a wider and wider audience. Today it is a big topic and I consciously integrate spermidine into my diet (as a supplement and in recipes).

You have recently developed spermidine-rich recipes with our spermidineLIFE® products. What are your experiences with this?

Very good, the various spermidineLIFE® products can be integrated in the kitchen and in various recipe creations in a very varied way. They are suitable for baking, in glazes, dressings and much more. A new idea would be a creative mocktail series with spermidineLIFE® and there are still some ideas for creative implementations.


Spermidine is a natural fountain of youth and can be easily and uncomplicatedly integrated into everyday nutrition or simply drunk once a day as a fountain of youth "boost". In my environment there are more and more people, often women, who learn to use the positive effects of spermidine for their own aging process. My favorite way is to consume it in smoothies or dressings with spermidineLIFE®.

Click here for Catrin's spermidine-rich recipes using our spermidineLIFE® products:

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