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    spermidineLIFE® Immunity+

    spermidineLIFE® Immunity+

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    Laboratory-tested quality. Clinically tested.

    • Supports your immune cells & your defense system
    • With 2 mg of spermidine, Shiitake mushroom powder, and immune-active micronutrients such as Vitamin C, zinc, and Vitamin B1
    • 100% natural spermidine & clinically tested2

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    • spermidineLIFE®

      Supports your immune cells⁴

    Product information
    Your advantages with spermidineLIFE® Immunity+

    spermidineLIFE® Immunity+ is a dietary supplement with an innovative combination of 2 mg of natural spermidine, Shiitake mushroom powder, and immune-active micronutrients such as Vitamin C, zinc, and Vitamin B1. With the daily intake of 2 capsules, the renewal of your immune cells can be optimally supported.¹ ⁴


    Ingredients per daily dose (2 capsules)

    Recommended intake

    Take 2 capsules daily with liquid with a meal. If you are tired or exhausted, double the daily dose (4 capsules) is recommended.

    The stated daily consumption amount must not be exceeded.

    Quality checks & certificates
    Weight & size

    Net filling quantity
    52 g (60 capsules)

    89 g

    Blister (4 blisters of 15 capsules each; 60 capsules); Package leaflet, folding box

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    Further information about our cells, spermidine and Longevtiy Labs+


    The immune cell

    Every cell has a specific task, including our immune system. This consists, among other things, of a large variety of blood cells, or white blood cells, the leukocytes. These cells make up a large part of our immune defense and are formed in the bone marrow. The main task of leukocytes is to defend against pathogens. Leukocytes are therefore an essential part of our immune system, protecting us from pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites. The human immune system is not limited to one organ or part of the body. It affects many places throughout the body. The most important transport routes for immune cells and messenger substances are the bloodstream and the lymphatic vessels. The lymph fluid transports oxygen and nutrients to tissues and removes damaged or dead cells, pathogens and foreign substances. Our immune system thinks for itself. In order to be able to react more quickly to recurring threats, there is the acquired immune defense. The immune system acquired over the course of life reacts specifically from pathogen to pathogen; the immune system also remembers these and reacts more quickly and effectively the next time they come into contact. The immunological memory is created. Unfortunately, our innate immune system does not recognize some pathogens such as viruses or bacteria. These can therefore cause damage to the body. Now the so-called dendritic cells come into play: They also eliminate unknown pathogens and break them down. Particles of the pathogen envelope are transmitted to T cells. These special cells are familiar to almost every pathogen. The T cells multiply immediately and fight the pathogen. Furthermore, T cells in turn activate the B cells. These form exactly the right antibodies against a specific type of pathogen - the so-called antibodies. These antibodies bind to the respective pathogen and mark it so that it can be rendered harmless more quickly by the phagocytes.

    What's special: B cells remember the nature of the pathogen. If the infection occurs again, the body can quickly produce suitable antibodies and defend itself.


    Autophagy – the cleaning program of cells

    Autophagy is a natural cleaning process in our cells. It acts like a kind of garbage disposal that disposes of damaged cell parts – i.e. “cellular waste” – in order to keep the cell healthy and save energy. This process helps keep our bodies young and functional and can protect us from disease. Our spermidineLIFE® products are specifically designed to support autophagy.¹


    Spermidine – The polyamine with a lot of potential

    Spermidine is a natural polyamine that is found in all our cells and plays an essential role in the process of cell renewal. However, as you age, the amount of spermidine in your body's cells decreases.


    100% natural spermidine in all spermidineLIFE® products

    Not all spermidine is the same! Since the first research results were published, the spermidine market has been growing rapidly. However, only a few manufacturers produce natural spermidine that is approved for human consumption. spermidineLIFE® is the only spermidine product in the world that has been tested for safety and tolerability by the Charité Berlin. It has also been recognized as a "novel food" by the AGES (Austrian Agency for Food Safety) and EFSA (European Food and Safety Authority), which stands for its high quality and safety. We use 100% natural spermidine, which is obtained from wheat germ. For this purpose, we have developed a special extraction process together with the University of Graz.


    Shiitake powder

    Shiitake mushrooms are originally native to the forests of China and Japan and have been valued for their ingredients for thousands of years. In the last 20 years, scientific interest in this mushroom has continuously increased and over 800 studies relating to shiitake mushrooms have been published in the last 20 years alone.

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