Innovation for brain cells: spermidineLIFE® Memory+

Innovation for brain cells: spermidineLIFE® Memory+

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You want to support your brain performance and healthy brain aging? Then you will like the latest addition to our product portfolio. spermidineLIFE® Memory+ is dedicated to your brain cells. Learn more here.

Our brain is quite impressive. It is part of the nervous system and is connected to the entire body via incoming and outgoing nerve pathways. This makes it the most complex biological structure in our universe to date. An impressive 100 billion nerve cells - also called neurons - are responsible for our daily thoughts, actions and the control of all our bodily functions.

In addition, our brain serves as the center of memory and our precious memories. But our emotions are also anchored in our brain cells! Thus, our gray matter cells are not only important for our memory capacity, but also make us to a certain extent: They help define our character and traits.

One might think that the state of our brain is stable and that nothing changes after birth. But the fact is that the connections between the nerve cells - the synapses - are constantly being reconnected. This is necessary because thousands of nerve cells die every day. Only recently, scientists found out that new nerve cells are also created in the human brain after birth. Around 1,400 new cells are created in the hippocampus every day! This process is called neurogenesis. Thus, about one-third of all our brain cells are replaced during our lifetime.

The problem is, however, that in the course of life - and especially with age - considerably more cells die in the brain than are newly formed. Also, due to the ramping up of metabolism in the brain, many waste products are formed that pose a threat to brain function and should be disposed of regularly.

So in order to protect our brain cells in their function and to promote cell renewal, so that we have a good memory, high concentration and receptivity into old age, the supply of micronutrients is crucial. And here comes spermidineLIFE® Memory+ comes into play, because it supports the brain cells3 via two approaches:

First, it promotes cell renewal, or autophagy.1 As you already know, our cells have different tasks, age at different rates, and have a variety of mechanisms to renew themselves and stay active. spermidineLIFE® Memory+ protects cells from oxidative stress and supports the body's the body's own cell renewal process.1 Thus, it ensures that harmful cellular waste is disposed of and our cells are kept young and healthy.

Secondly, it supports spermidineLIFE® Memory+ supports brain performance and mental well-being. Our brain cells age with us and accordingly, the older we get, the harder it is to remember and recall things. spermidineLIFE® Memory+ counteracts this and supports memory and recall.5

You want to know how spermidineLIFE® Memory+ and want to know the magic formula behind it? Well, the secret lies in the brain-active micronutrients. spermidineLIFE® Memory+ supports your brain cells with thiamine and your cell renewal with zinc with the innovative combination of natural wheat germ extract with high spermidine content - contained in our proven CelVio Complex -, Brahmi powder, saffron extract and the micronutrients vitamin B1 - also called thiamine -, zinc and iron.1,3

Zinc, thiamine and iron support normal cognitive function and contribute to normal mental function and mental performance. Zinc and iron also have a function in cell division, helping our brain cells to renew themselves. Thiamine also helps maintain energy metabolism and is supported by iron to reduce fatigue and fatigue.

While brahmi - also known as small fat leaf - is called "memory plant" in Ayurvedic medicine and is found exclusively in the Asian region, saffron is not only considered the most expensive spice in the world, but has also had an important place in holistic medicine in the Orient for thousands of years. This is because saffron supports emotional balance and contributes to the maintenance of a positive mood and relaxation.6

If you are now wondering how spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ and spermidineLIFE® Memory+ work together, here is the answer: Through the regular intake of spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ your cells will be cleansed of cellular waste and purified.1 The stimulated autophagy thus makes room for the necessary brain-active nutrients that support your brain cells in their work. spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ cleans up and prepares your cells in a first step, while spermidineLIFE® Memory+ then additionally supports your mental performance, contributes to healthy brain aging and emotional balance, and reduces fatigue.3,5,6 In short: With this combination you are well provided for.

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