Aging beautiful and healthy: An expert interview with Uschi Fellner on the well aging lifestyle.

Aging beautiful and healthy: An expert interview with Uschi Fellner on the well aging lifestyle.

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There are many ways to charmingly counteract the traces of time. The "healthy lifestyle" movement is in full swing and the market offers a variety of options but what really matters? Sport, healthy eating we are all aware of, but what about beauty from within? Because only those who feel good, radiate it. We asked Uschi Fellner, editor-in-chief of look!, what her "well-aging trick" is.


Uschi, we think you not only always look gorgeous, you also always glow! What is a "well-aging" lifestyle for you?

By well-aging lifestyle, I mean getting older with good feelings and a certain pride in yourself. After all, I am an opponent of Botox and injections, I think it always looks terrible. Especially if you do it for years. Better is to prevent and bring out the best of your age. There is no such thing as anti-aging unless we decide to die young, anti-aging is a myth.

Well-aging, on the other hand, is exactly "mine", which is why I have also developed my new cosmetic line UPF - Uschi's Perfect Face, by the way, based purely on herbs, so that the products strengthen the skin, boost it with natural estrogen and make it glow. Well-aging means getting the right nutrients and staying mobile, agile, fit and enthusiastic - at any age!

Is there anything you wouldn't want to miss out on in order to keep yourself "beautiful" from the inside and to strengthen your well-being?

Of course and quite honestly: my own cosmetic products.

It is very important that we feed ourselves only the highest quality active ingredients from the inside and outside, in our case these are the best available herbs in Austria. And I like my spermidineLIFE® drink every morning, it powers me up1 and I imagine the substances also lift my mood :-)

What is a "game changer" for you for beauty inside and out?

Game Changer is always yourself, we have ourselves completely in hand and what we make of ourselves. I learned at some point to be my own best gamechanger.

How do you manage to look after yourself and your body in your very demanding everyday life?

I build little islands for myself that only belong to me. That can be a phone call with my best friend or with one of my children, or just sitting somewhere in the countryside for ten minutes - and not looking at my cell phone:-)

How did you discover spermidineLIFE® and what makes us special for you?

I discovered spermidineLIFE® already in the first Lockdown, because I had time then to deal with myself and my needs. The products have now been with me for years and I realize that they do me good.

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