spermidineLIFE® wins the German Innovation Award 2021!

spermidineLIFE® wins the German Innovation Award 2021!

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We have a reason to celebrate!!
What an incredible success. On May 18, spermidineLIFE® was awarded the German Innovation Award 2021. This follows on from our wins in previous years. In 2020, we were named the most innovative product of the year by customers, pharmacists and doctors at the “Pharma Trend – Image & Innovation Award”. In 2019, we achieved second place in terms of sales for product launches in pharmacies.

Every year, the German Innovation Award honors products across all industrial sectors that distinguish themselves by their innovation, added value and user centricity compared to earlier products and solutions. This year, spermidineLIFE® was the clear winner in the “Excellence in Business to Business – Pharmaceuticals” category, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks!

What the German Innovation Award is all about

The criteria evaluated for this award include user benefits, economic efficiency, the extent to which energy and resource use are taken into account, longevity, quality, and innovation strategy. A jury then decides which products and brands will receive the German Innovation Award.

Innovation is the primary consideration in all of these evaluation criteria – something to which we attach great importance and for which we have already been honored with awards in previous years! This gives us all the more reason to be delighted today that our commitment to the highest standards of quality and innovation is being recognized.

We have already received awards for our innovation in recent years. In 2020, spermidineLIFE® received one of the top pharmacy awards at the “Pharma Trend – Image & Innovation Award” and was named the most innovative product of the year. Medical professionals from various specialist groups, pharmacists and patients selected and honored us with this award.

In 2019, spermidineLIFE® was awarded second place in terms of sales for product launches in Austrian pharmacies by Insight Health.

We are proud that we are able to regularly prove how scientificity, research and a vision can lead to great products. At this point, special thanks must be extended not only to our entire team, but also to our top-class Scientific Advisory Board, which has accompanied us on our journey for years and continues to drive us forward.

We would like to say thank you for this award!

Such honors are by no means a matter of course, which is why we would like to thank everyone here who has made our successes possible!

They show us that we are making a difference with spermidineLIFE® and that more and more people are recognizing the relevance of our cells for our health. After all, that’s why we’re here: to give our cells the importance they deserve!

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