On the sunny side of life

On the sunny side of life

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Our life is a marathon, not a sprint. Regular, preferably daily, time-outs help us to get through it. A nice occasion for a daily rest is to watch the sunset. Read in now and relax immediately.

Our busy schedules often don't allow us much time to take a breather. Whether it's from the daily meeting marathon, the endless hours in front of tech devices, or the hard manual labor, we're all in desperate need of rest. The simple solution can be heard from all rooftops: rest breaks!

Breaks allow our bodies and minds to rest. We need them to stay relaxed and fit. After all, relaxation, fitness and renewal are not only something we achieve from the inside, we also need to promote from the outside.

Although we all realize that rest periods are important, our break arrangements often leave much to be desired. There are many reasons for this. One of them is that we think a break takes a lot of time - and we simply don't have it. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a whole afternoon off to get some rest. On the contrary: even half an hour a day - consciously noticed - can provide the necessary balance and relaxation.

In keeping with summer, we therefore have a very special feel-good moment today that we can warmly recommend as a daily dose of time out: Once again enjoy the natural spectacle of sunset! Consciously catch the last rays of the day, enjoy their warmth and take their energy home with you!

The preparation for the spectacle is minimal: whether from your own garden or balcony, during an evening walk or in the nearest park, the appropriate place is quickly found. Quality Time can take place on the bench or on the picnic blanket in a meadow. That's all the preparation you need. Then it's just a matter of sitting down and watching:

Slowly the sky dresses in the most beautiful colors. The clouds in the sky play along with the game and for once show themselves in a broader color spectrum than white and gray. The effect is even more soothing if you are there live - consciously enjoying the last 30 minutes of the day and thus recharging your batteries for the next day.

Whoever is gripped by a guilty conscience - the pressure of deadlines does not diminish because of this - can use the half hour more effectively: The picnic blanket you bring along can be used wonderfully for dinner at the same time. Or you can do a little yoga or stretching in the meantime. This reinforces the rest and does twice as much good.

To help plan the perfectly timed feel-good moment, you can find the daily time of sunset for any location in the popular weather apps on your cell phone or on the well-known weather sites on the Internet. This ensures that you don't miss the right moment and can enjoy it to the full.

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