Myths and facts about longevity and dietary supplements

Myths and facts about longevity and dietary supplements

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The search for the fountain of youth and the key to longevity has always fascinated people. However, in the wealth of information available today, there are many myths and misconceptions about ways to promote longevity and the use of supplements. We debunk some of these common myths and draw on scientific facts:


Myth 1: The more supplements, the better for your health.

Fact: An excess of various food supplements often cannot be fully processed by the body.

Less is sometimes more - and above all it should be the right thing. You should therefore consider which supplements you want to take and when you take them. Taking them in large quantities can reduce the functions of the little helpers or even lead to an imbalance in the body. Therefore, always pay attention to the recommended daily dosage and try not to exceed it.


Myth 2: Anti-ageing products stop the ageing process.

Fact: "Anti-ageing" is a misleading term.

No product can stop the ageing process completely, but some can help to make the years of old age and the journey there more liveable. Smart ageing instead of anti-ageing is the motto - because time cannot be stopped, it can only be used wisely.


Myth 3: The more intensive the training, the healthier your life.

Fact: Moderate training is often more effective.

Excessively intensive training can lead to injuries and strain the body. Studies show that moderate physical activity, such as regular walking or cycling, often delivers the best health results.


In the world of longevity and supplements, it is crucial to separate myths from facts. An evidence-based approach, based on current scientific knowledge, is the key to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. That's why we work with international longevity experts to bring you the latest scientific findings.

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