I Never Want to Be 16 Again

I Never Want to Be 16 Again

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The 40th birthday marks a new era for many people. Including for Caro—but not because she has a midlife crisis. On the contrary: This milestone birthday is a welcome occasion to celebrate life for her. In the interview, she tells us why she never wants to be 16 again. Instead, she is taking care of herself and trying out spermidineLIFE®.

Right away, Caro says laughing, “of course, being older is best if nobody sees it” because the passing years do not only have a good side. “Sure, the one or other wrinkle bothers me,” she tells, because honesty is the best policy. Her stomach was more taut, and she doesn’t even want to get started on her chest. But to be 16 years old again? “Never!” she says with conviction.

She was an insecure teenager, unhappy with her body shape and hair, subject to some ridicule by her classmates, and more of an outsider. We cannot even imagine that: her shyness and self-doubt have given way to a winning smile, a good chunk of self-irony, and a great deal of optimism.

“That was hard work,” explains Caro. She describes herself as a person who was always focused on self-improvement. “I thought, there’s always a better version of myself—until I was completely content with myself and my life at some point,” she continues. She only really reached this state on her 40th birthday: she says that she always focused on what she didn’t achieve, didn’t succeed in or simply did not have. Until she realized that that was the completely wrong perspective. “These negative thoughts are ingrained—and they have to get out, they’re not good for you,” she says with determination.

On her milestone birthday, she realized that she has a lot that she did not sufficiently appreciate. This realization now helps her to enjoy every day. “This respectful attitude toward myself, this gratefulness—when you’re 16 years old you don’t know that—and respect for myself as a person, knowledge, and a wealth of experience are reasons why I’m so much happier now than I once was,” she says with contentment. Now she purposely focuses on positive things in her life—it feels like every cell is lighter and fresher!

What exactly is she grateful for? Most of all her children, who make her laugh every day. She lives separated from their father, but they have a good relationship and her new boyfriend is an absolutely lucky find. Besides, she loves her job as a free journalist. Her friends, who she stays in contact with everyday, complete her joy. And, unlike before, she is now content with her looks: “What was once a flaw, is now special. What’s more, I know—weight gain? No problem, the pounds come and go. My stubborn hair doesn’t bother me anymore. My drive for perfection has decreased.” She says that she would have wished to have had this serenity that stems from her personal wealth of experience earlier. But this is exactly what makes aging so exciting: You can discover new things every day and become more content year after year. “A lightheartedness begins that really makes me feel a lot younger,” she adds.

It is obvious that a positive attitude has a beneficial effect on every single cell—after all, they are the building blocks of our body. “Now I take much more time for myself and enjoy it, I exercise regularly and eat healthier because I appreciate my body a lot more. This inner contentment has strengthened my desire to live a long and healthy life filled with moments of joy,” Caro tells us.

This has a positive effect on us: because, as we know, we can usually decide how we feel. Before our interview, Caro informed herself about spermidineLIFE®. She knows that spermidine is a natural component of cells and that our body’s production decreases as we age, but that polyamine can be consumed through different foods and nutritional supplements. “Many talk about the positive effects of spermidine, so I definitely would like to try it out. I’ll focus more on it with foods, but I’ll also test spermidineLIFE®. And of course, I’ll drink a lot of water, that helps against fine lines,” she says. Because she would like to have laugh lines only. Personally, we believe Caro can easily reach this goal with her positive attitude. But we will certainly ask how she likes spermidineLIFE®.

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