Fasting with Zellis & Digestive-Daisy

Fasting with Zellis & Digestive-Daisy

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Dear Diary,

My human is currently fasting and for us cells that means first and foremost: tidying up and clearing out. I already told you in the last diary entry how exactly autophagy works.

Today, after days of cleaning, I finished my work pretty quickly and decided to visit my friend, the intestinal cell Digestive-Daisy. I really wanted to know how she felt about my human being fasting.

During the fast, Daisy must ensure that the few nutrients provided are used efficiently and that my human's body is provided with sufficient energy to maintain vital functions.

She told me that during fasting she is particularly busy absorbing all the nutrients through her cell membrane in the digestive system and sending them to the major organs using the bloodstream.

During fasting, Daisy's work is apparently even more important, as the body increasingly relies on energy reserves such as fats and glycogen to meet energy needs.

It was very exciting to visit Daisy today. This is how I learned that not all of my human cells always work the same amount. There are some of us who get more or less energy during stressful times. But as long as my person is doing well, that's okay with me. We all just have to stick together.

Stay cell fresh,


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