Interview with pharmacist Nina Milenkovics: "I can recommend spermidineLIFE® to everyone."

Interview with pharmacist Nina Milenkovics: "I can recommend spermidineLIFE® to everyone."

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As some people surely know, the basic products of spermidineLIFE® can also be found in various pharmacies. However, the Adler Apotheke in Graz was one of the first pharmacies to sell spermidineLIFE® products. We asked Nina Milenkovics, pharmacist and founder of, about her experience with spermidineLIFE®.


Nina, you are a young ambitious pharmacist, when did you first hear about the polyamine spermidine?

A long time ago, can't really remember. Then I was lucky enough to have the great Frank Madeo in house and so I was able to acquire some interesting information and of course knowledge from him. After that, things really took their course and I am still very interested in this topic today, as there is still a lot to discover and new great insights appear again and again.

What convinced you to recommend and sell spermidineLIFE® to your customers?

I have always kept my eyes and ears open for products that are natural, without side effects and above all with a huge benefit for our health. It is especially important to me to recommend things with a clear conscience and therefore I trust spermidineLIFE® 100%. The fact that it is produced in Graz makes it even better.

Based on your years of experience, to whom do you usually recommend spermidineLIFE® products?

Simply everyone who wants to stay young for a long time, who is mentally fit and who shares the same values about interval fasting as I do. So the businessman, as well as the mum and the granny. I think it really is good for everyone of a certain age and should not be missing from the daily support of the body. 

Do you have your own healthy routine with supplements?

Haha, yes, a lot of them, I have to admit. spermidineLIFE® is one of them and is part of my evening routine. I take it, for example, when I sin to balance out my lifestyle or when I do interval fasting, so that it has an even better effect due to the additional stimulation of cell renewal. 

What is your absolute favourite spermidineLIFE® product?

I always like to alternate, depending on the season and my needs. This works really well with spermidineLIFE® products. But I always have spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ in capsules at home and when I travel I always have spermidineLIFE® Boost+ to dissolve.


I can't imagine my life without spermidineLIFE® and I am convinced that it is extremely beneficial for my mental and physical fitness and also for my future health. Thank you for your great work with these products.

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