Braving the heat

Braving the heat

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30 degrees plus is the perfect temperature to lie on the beach and unwind. But what to do if you're stuck at your desk at the office or at home in these temperatures and can't enjoy your annual vacation? We've collected 10 tips to help beat the heat.

Summer is here and with it the old familiar heat waves. Although we enjoy the summer temperatures at the swimming lake or the outdoor pool, they can become a real test of endurance, especially in the office or at home at the desk. Because at 30 degrees plus, concentration and performance decrease. With these 10 simple remedies, you can survive the heat days at your desk at home:

  1. The early bird catches the worm

The fact is: the heat builds up over the midday period and reaches its peak in the afternoon, when the walls around us have accumulated heat. That's why it pays to get up early, especially in the summer. In the morning, temperatures are still pleasant and work is easier. Then, when the heat reaches its peak in the afternoon, you can already relax and retire to the nearest swimming lake and no longer have to sweat your hours away in the office.

  1. Light summer snacks keep us going

"I can't get a bite down in this heat!" It's a phrase you often hear in the summer. Unfortunately, it's not the best strategy for dealing with temperatures. Especially with the added stress of increased temperatures, our bodies need nutrients and vitamins to continue functioning smoothly. Therefore, don't skip lunch. However, prefer fruits and vegetables over cutlets when it's hot. It may be delicious, but it puts additional demands on the body, making you tired. Light summer snacks like salads, on the other hand, will keep you fit for the rest of the day.

  1. Water march!

Drink, drink, drink! What sounds like country wisdom is simply the truth. Our bodies need plenty of fluids. Especially when we lose more water than usual through sweating. How much water you should drink, we have on our Blog already reported in detail. As a reminder: About 2 - 3 liters a day must be. You need 30 to 40 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight. No matter whether unsweetened teas or water with cucumber or lemon slices, the main thing is not too hot or too cold. The temperature equalization that this requires places additional demands on our bodies. Ice cubes do not belong in the drink. Then rather in the mouth - with the ice cube chewing an immediate cooling effect occurs.

  1. Tricks for spontaneous cooling

In addition to chewing ice cubes, there are other little tricks you can use to get quick relief from hot flashes. A short walk to the toilet and run cool water over your wrists and moisten your temples and forehead. But be careful: the water should not be too cold. This is because cold water closes the pores and inhibits the body from releasing heat. Another option is to place a bucket or tub of cool water under your desk and put your feet in it. The pleasant coolness immediately spreads throughout the body.

  1. Sporty balance!

In summer, too, we need a sporty balance to our s(chw)itting in the office and should not forego our sports sessions. When exercising outdoors, however, the midday heat should be avoided. Jogging at 30 degrees plus is rather counterproductive for our well-being. It's better to postpone the fitness program until later in the evening - when the heat has subsided - or to get up an hour earlier and enjoy the fresh morning air.

  1. A mild breeze

If you get up early for sports or work, you can take advantage of this opportunity and let the cool morning air into your home or office. Proper ventilation in the early morning works wonders against the heat! During the day, on the other hand, the windows should rather remain closed to keep the heat out. If you don't have an air-conditioning system in your office, you can also use fans or air vents to provide a gentle breeze. The discreet breeze makes the temperature seem more pleasant.

  1. Switch off unnecessary appliances

Both in the office and at home, dozens of devices are often unnecessarily connected to the power supply. In addition to the increased power consumption, these cause additional problems, especially in the hot months: Electrical devices generate additional heat! So walk around your workplace and ask yourself what of all the little helpers is really necessary and what you can switch off without any losses.

  1. Summer dress code

Many companies adapt their dress code to the temperatures on particularly hot days or weeks. In this case, the company may dispense with jackets and the like in order to protect employees from heat shocks. Simply discuss with your boss what options you have to counteract the heat. If you don't have any customer appointments or important meetings coming up, you might even dare to wear shorts to the office.

  1. Goodbye sweat!

At important meetings, the unpleasant heat is doubly problematic: Not only does it interfere with concentration, but we also bathe in our own sweat. Not a pleasant thing when you want to convince the customer or the boss of your idea. The beads of sweat on your forehead are not only embarrassing, but can also leave unwanted stains on your collar or underarms. Our miracle tip: baby powder! It actually works, because it absorbs the sweat beads. Whether for the hands, on the forehead or in the armpits - you can use it everywhere without any problems.

  1. Go where there is air conditioning!

Sometimes the solution is so simple: if the air conditioner won't come to us, we'll just have to come to the air conditioner. If it's unbearable in the office and the coolness beckons at home, the boss may be persuaded by the prospect of productivity to spend a day or two at home each week. If the home becomes a sauna and makes working at the desk difficult, air-conditioned co-working spaces or the cool reading room of the nearby library can provide a cool spot.

So make sure you cool off in time before your body runs hot. Too much heat takes a toll on our bodies. If we lose too much fluid and salts through sweating, we get what is known as heat exhaustion. Weakness, cramps, nausea and dizziness are the first warning signs. Try one of our tips or seek refuge in an air-conditioned shopping center after work to bring your body back to normal temperature and regain your well-being. This way, you'll be able to hold out until your vacation or maintain the relaxation you've found even after your vacation is over.

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