The Morning of a Cell: A Look Behind the Scenes of the Body

The Morning of a Cell: A Look Behind the Scenes of the Body

Cell Diary, TLL LongevityLabs

Dear diary,

Today I would like to take you into my everyday life and tell you what it means to me to wake up at all.

In the morning, when it's time to get up, I realize that my humans body needs new energy to get going. This is what the mitochondria are for. These are small power stations that live inside my cell membrane. They help me to break down nutrients and generate energy from them.

To produce energy, the body in which I live goes through a lengthy process called energy metabolism. This involves many small steps that take place in the mitochondria. I don't quite understand it either, but in any case, various energy sources are broken down. It's like a little breakfast snack for me.

This energy is finally converted to ATP (something like "energy money") and stored so that we cells then spend it to do all the things that my human does - wake up, breathe, think, etc.

None of this would be possible without energy metabolism. That's why it's important that my human eats and moves enough to keep us healthy and alert.

Stay cell fresh,


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