10 tips for more energy in everyday life

10 tips for more energy in everyday life

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In a hectic world where deadlines, tasks and commitments often take up our time, it is not uncommon to feel tired and lacking in energy. But good news: There are ways you can energize yourself to go through your day feeling more productive, positive and fulfilled. We have some proven tips to boost your everyday energy.


  1. Healthy start to the day: breakfast as a source of energy

If you eat breakfast, start your day with a balanced meal that contains protein, fiber and healthy fats, and avoid empty calories. Oatmeal with fruit, a yogurt with nuts or whole grain bread with avocado are great options that will give you long-lasting energy.

  1. Morning exercise: wake up with activity

A short morning exercise routine can work wonders to get your body and mind going. Whether it's a yoga session, a quick walk or a short workout, exercise releases endorphins and boosts your energy and mood for the rest of the day.

  1. Hydrate: water as an energy booster.

Don't forget to drink enough water! Dehydration can lead to fatigue and a general low energy level. Keep a water bottle handy and drink regularly to keep your body hydrated and your energy levels up.

  1. Power napping: take short rest breaks.

If you're feeling sluggish throughout the day, a short nap of 10-20 minutes is a great way to refresh your energy. Power naps can improve your mental clarity and get you back on track without putting you into a deeper sleep cycle. Did you know that power naps are common in Japan and can also be taken at work?

  1. Healthy snacks: energy from the kitchen

Instead of reaching for sugary and caffeinated snacks that provide short-term energy but often lead to a crash, choose healthy snacks. Nuts, fruit, vegetable sticks or a piece of dark chocolate can give you sustained energy without sending your blood sugar levels on a rollercoaster.

  1. Breathing and meditation: Relaxation for energy

Short breathing exercises or meditations can help you relieve stress and feel energized. Pay attention to your breathing and use moments of silence to calm your mind and recharge your batteries.

  1. Prioritize and take breaks: effective energy management

Don't overload your day with too many tasks. Set clear priorities and plan short breaks between tasks to preserve your mental energy. Overload can lead to exhaustion, while conscious energy management will make you more effective.

  1. Positive management of stress: serenity as a source of energy

Learn to manage stress in a healthy way. Negative emotions can drain your energy. Practice techniques such as mindfulness, positive thinking and stress management.

  1. Sufficient sleep: foundation for everyday energy

A good night's sleep is the foundation for your daily energy. Make sure you get enough sleep and establish a regular bedtime. Quality sleep allows your body to regenerate and feel fresh and energized the next day.

  1. support the energy balance on a cellular level

The fact that energy is generated directly in our cells is not new information in science, but we rarely look at the smallest building blocks in our body when we feel tired and listless. Yet our energy balance is generated and regulated right there, in trillions of tiny cellular power plants. This cellular energy production can be influenced. This is where nadLIFE® Energy+ with niacin in the form of NAM comes into play. It supports the energy balance in the cell. 6


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