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    nadLIFE® Energy+ subscription Bundle

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    At Longevity Labs+ we have made it our mission to support our vital cells. We can cleanse, activate and protect them. Cleansing: spermidineLIFE® Boost+ supports the cell in recycling excess cellular waste.1 Activation: nadLIFE® Energy+ supports various metabolic processes and energy production directly in our cells.6 The combined intake of spermidineLIFE® Boost+ and nadLIFE® Energy+ thus creates a holistic approach to promoting cell health by combining cleansing and activation.1,6
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    • spermidineLIFE® hat die Novel Food Zulassung

      EU Novel Food

    • spermidineLIFE® ist klinisch getestet

      Clinically tested²

    • spermidineLIFE® für die Zellerneuerung

      For cell renewal¹

    • spermidineLIFE® wird in Österreich hergestellt

      Developed in Austria

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