What happens in our cells when we sleep?

What happens in our cells when we sleep?

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Dear diary,

Today is 1 May, a public holiday in my humans' world. That's why my human slept for a long time today. I want to tell you what we cells do while my human is asleep.

When my human falls asleep, it's like a little party that starts for us cells. Everything calms down and the hectic pace of the day subsides. This is our signal that it is time to do our work in peace.
During sleep, our cells have the task of regenerating and repairing the body. We use the peace and quiet in the body to work undisturbed with small maintenance teams.

In addition to repair work, we also have the important task of processing and storing information. During the waking phases, my body absorbs a lot of new impressions and information. At the end of the day, we cells help to sort this information and convert it into memories.

But there are also challenges that we have to face. Sometimes sleep can be restless and this can affect our ability to fulfil our tasks. But we do our best to play our part in restful human sleep.

Stay cell-fresh,


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