True beauty comes from within. These foods are considered true "beauty foods."

True beauty comes from within. These foods are considered true "beauty foods."

Ali Teshnizi

Foods for beauty? Missnutri, Bettina Sommer, reveals to us all her tips & tricks about Beauty Foods in an expert interview. Through her years of experience, Bettina knows exactly what matters when it comes to groceries. As a nutritionist and fitness coach, she has the inside track when it comes to a balanced and healthy diet.

What are the best beauty foods for you and what should they bring?

The best beauty food is - in sum - a balanced diet. Because only with a variety of foods, one can optimally protect the cells from decay and aging.

Currently, the top 5 foods for me are: spinach, beet, apples, berries & nuts. However, it is best to think in terms of food groups. If you eat 1-2 servings a day from each group, then it's easier to glow from the inside out. The food groups are made up as follows:

  1. whole grains
  2. fruits & vegetables
  3. legumes
  4. seeds & nuts
  5. high quality fats such as olive oil or canola oil.

All of these foods are rich in vitamins, fiber, polyamines like spermidine, and have many antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our cells from oxidative stress caused by everyday stress and an unhealthy diet.

What do you recommend to support skin, hair & nails from the inside out in the long run?

I recommend eating a lot of the food groups I just mentioned. Really make sure you're eating only "healthy" fats and low in refined sugars, but high in complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Also be sure to get your daily dose of antioxidants in the form of soft fruits, apples or dark chocolate. Laugh a lot and enjoy life - dopamine and serotonin reduce stress and relax facial muscles. Exercise, in moderate doses, also protects our cells, makes us happy and beautiful.

Do you take beauty supplements yourself and if so, which ones would you not want to do without?

Basically, I am very well supplied with my diet, but I still supplement every now and then for about 3 months. At the moment, I take omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E daily. From time to time I also take spermidineLIFE® to improve my regeneration and to additionally support my cells in their "rejuvenation". In the summer, when I do even more sports, I often supplement with magnesium and calcium, as well as certain B vitamins. I think it's most important to get enough good fatty acids and the fat-soluble vitamins. If you hardly eat whole grain products or carbohydrates, you should at least supplement B vitamins and certain trace elements.

Based on your experience, would you say that Spermidine supports skin, hair & nails on a cellular basis?

When I took the sachets (6mg) of spermidineLIFE® over a period of 30 days, I noticed a shortened recovery time after just one week. I would also almost say that my energy level was raised a little bit.

A concrete improvement in skin, hair and nails is definitely conceivable if you take the sachets over a longer period of time. Many of my customers also notice a significant improvement in metabolism and digestion, as Spermindin generally regenerates the mucous membranes in the body. This happens due to the cell renewal function of the polyamine. Good mucosal function is important for optimal metabolism and nutrient absorption. The customer feedback is quite positive and I am happy to recommend spermidineLIFE® to them.

What role does spermidineLIFE® play for you in the combination of beauty and nutrition?

Basically, the polyamine spermidine is considered an important contribution to cell regeneration. Despite supplementation, one should always pay attention to a balanced diet. spermidineLIFE® is a good addition to an optimal diet, especially because one cannot eat this amount of spermidine at all. Complementing a healthy lifestyle, supplementation improves regeneration and contributes to the protection of our cells.


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