Off into the cool water

Off into the cool water

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Sport in summer with fun factor! Instead of just splashing around to cool off, Andrea has declared swimming her sporty balance this year. And she's absolutely right. Swimming is good for you and keeps you fit.

"I'm almost embarrassed to admit, but I got the idea for my Fit project when I was watching Finding Nemo with my kids on Corona time," Andrea confesses with a laugh when we ask her what motivated her to start training in the cool water. "I take care of my health and at that time I was just looking for an athletic balance that I could do quickly and effectively in my daily life - if necessary - but also combine it well with my family."

It's a challenge that many face. In addition to a job, household and family, it is no easy task to fit sport into a busy schedule. Yet a sporting balance is important to keep our physical agility and mental mentality stable.

Andrea continues: "I'm a big fan of Dori the fish. In the film, she answers the question of what to do when we're depressed with: 'Just swim. Just swim. Just swim, swim, swim!'" Anyone familiar with the scene will now surely have Dori's voice in their ears for the rest of the day, just like us. Anyway, the mother of two thought to herself, why not? She came up with a plan: as soon as the swimming pools open again, she will regularly go to the neighboring pool to swim a few laps.

We can only give this plan a "thumbs-up." Swimming is one of the all-round training methods, as it trains both fitness and muscles. It is an effective cardiovascular workout. Thanks to the increased water pressure, it specifically trains the heart muscle as well. It also ensures good blood circulation in the legs and thus strengthens the veins. Swimming is known to be particularly easy on the joints. Even people who have difficulty with other sports find the cool water a pleasant workout, because: In the water, we only have to carry 1/7 of our body weight.

"When the indoor pool around the corner reopened after the Corona stop, I was one of the first visitors," Andrea reports. "Since then, I've been going swimming three times a week: Twice in the evenings during the week - my husband watches the kids then - and once on the weekend with the kids. It's now our Sunday morning routine and they really enjoy it, too."

Since the end of May, indoor pools, outdoor pools and bathing lakes have reopened in compliance with the valid Corona measures. In general, the same rules apply there as in other places of public space. There is a maximum number of visitors, which depends on the size of the pools and baths. In the baths, the minimum distance must be observed, especially at the edges of the pools and in non-swimmer pools. If you're planning your next swimming trip, it's best to check directly with the local indoor or outdoor pool of your choice about the regulations that apply there.

Andrea has so far drawn a positive conclusion to her Fit program: "I feel better and fitter and don't get out of breath so quickly. I haven't become a European champion yet, but with a bit of practice, the crawl is already working very well in addition to the breaststroke." The mother of two confirms: "It's definitely the right thing for me. Swimming can be integrated well into my everyday life and I want to take this time for my health."

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