My journey through the body: Zellis's diary

My journey through the body: Zellis's diary

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Dear Diary,

Fasten your seat belt. Today I start my journey through the body. I am Zellis, a small cell. I've been in my human's body for a few days now and everything here is just exciting. I collect so many impressions every day and I don't even know what to do with them. That's why I'm writing it to you from now on, dear diary - so that I don't forget anything.

My journey through the body has just begun and there is much I still want to find out. Why I'm here? What is my neighbor doing? And above all: what is my job? I am excited. Are you too? You're definitely there.

I heard a rumor that my human doesn't even notice us cells. How can that be? Our world is so big and fascinating! If he can't see me, then from now on he can at least read more about our life in you, my dear diary.


Stay cell fresh,


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