Light vs. the winter blues: How daylight can banish the winter blues

Light vs. the winter blues: How daylight can banish the winter blues

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Winter has its own charm, but the short days and long hours of darkness can often cast a shadow over our mood - a condition we call the winter blues. On days that seem to remain endlessly dark, we long for a ray of hope.

In this post, we explain the importance of daylight for your mental health and how it can help you overcome the winter blues.


  1. Effects of light on mood:

Light is more than just brightness; it directly affects our emotional well-being. Daylight plays a key role in regulating serotonin and melatonin - two hormones that play a crucial role in our mood and sleep regulation. Serotonin, the 'happy hormone', is often produced in lower levels during the dark winter months, which can lead to mood swings and low moods. By getting enough light, we can compensate for this deficiency and naturally ease the winter blues.

  1. Use daylight lamps:

When the weather outside isn't cooperating, daylight lamps can be a lifesaver. The artificial light sources simulate natural sunlight and can serve as a mood booster. Targeted use, especially in the morning, can effectively compensate for the lack of natural light.

  1. Capture natural daylight:

Why rely solely on artificial light when nature provides us with the best light? Make conscious trips outside, especially during the bright hours of the day. A short walk provides your body with vitamin D - even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

  1. Adapt your workplace:

Our workplace is often a central place where we spend many hours. By positioning our desk near windows and opening the curtains, we allow natural light to enter. An optimal lighting environment in the workplace can not only increase productivity, but also have a positive impact on our overall mood.



Make conscious use of natural light, whether by taking a walk outside, using daylight lamps or creating a workspace flooded with daylight. Your mood will thank you for it and you will welcome the winter with a glow on your face.

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