The running season has started! The most important tips for running by Roman Schindler.

The running season has started! The most important tips for running by Roman Schindler.

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As we know, running is an endurance sport and endurance is very important for our physical fitness and our cells. In general, exercise in the fresh air can help reduce stress and keeps us in a good mood. We asked Roman Schindler, personal trainer, what to pay attention to when running.


What should I pay attention to when I begin a running practice?

It is important not to do too much too fast. The body needs time to adjust to this new physical activity. Increase slowly from week to week. This can be measured in minutes or in kilometers run. The ideal would be 1-3 sessions to get into a weekly routine. Rest days should definitely be observed. For example:

Week 1: 20 minutes of easy running

Week 2: 30 minutes of easy running

Week 3: 20 minutes of easy running/ 10 minutes of increasing pace

Week 4: 40 minutes

and so forth.

Furthermore, the right footwear is important. Running shoes should fit and provide the necessary stability. It should be easy on the joints, but not too much burden on the bones or muscles. When buying shoes, I would not recommend ordering online, but rather trying out different running shoes at a specialty store and getting advice.


Do I need to warm up and stretch before a run?

Warming up is a good idea before any physical activity. When warming up and stretching, I would recommend active exercises, so no static stretching, but always combined with movement. A normal walking pace combined with simple exercises is enough. Before you start with tempo runs, I would start with slow runs or short interval runs. This is the best way to activate the body and give it the signal that it's about to start.


Should I change or pay special attention to anything in my diet?

When it comes to nutrition, it is fundamentally important to have a healthy balanced diet. Our diet is considered "fuel." This means that food intake, combined with other factors, plays an enormously important role. It is our energy supplier. Basically, there are no specific diets that I recommend, because every body is different and therefore must be addressed individually. Care should be taken to drink enough water a day and the macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates and proteins), as well as micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) should be covered from healthy foods.


How can I keep my motivation even if I don't run well at first?

The best motivation should be that you know you are doing something good for your body and promoting your own health.

Other ways to motivate yourself could be to set milestones to celebrate your success.

Knowing how many calories you have burned could also be an incentive for some. If that's the case, I recommend getting a running watch with a GPS system, heart rate monitor and calorie counter.

Last but not least, your favorite music always helps. Listening to music can make training easier.


Can I run in the morning on an empty stomach without any problems? Are there any advantages or disadvantages?

You can run on an empty stomach in the morning without any problems if your energy level allows it. Running on an empty stomach increases endurance performance. However, training sessions on an empty stomach are not recommended for beginners if they want to increase their performance. Running on an empty stomach should only be practiced when you already have a certain basic endurance or when your body is used to sports activities. This question can not be generalized, because in this case it depends on the individual and his circumstances. What can be said is - sober or not - before a run the water balance should be right - ideally combined with the spermidineLIFE® dietary supplement. This way you can optimally support your regeneration and thus your performance.


Do you have any tips for regeneration after a run?

To promote regeneration, it is important to pay attention to your water supply. Through running and the associated sweating, you lose a lot of fluid. This fluid should be returned to the body to stimulate the regeneration process. In addition, a healthy diet is essential to "refill" the body with energy. Last but not least, sufficient sleep is also essential for regeneration.

And if you want to optimize the regeneration process, you should also pay attention to cell renewal.1 For me, the products of spermidineLIFE® offer the best conditions for this.



It is very important to find suitable footwear and to accustom your body slowly to the training routine. Find reasons and goals that motivate you and strengthen your willpower.

Furthermore, nutrition, sleep, regeneration and a specific supplementation play an important role in order to be able to increase performance from week to week.

Expert interview with Roman Schindler (Personal Trainer & Mister Austria 2021) 

Roman Schindler Personal Trainer

Through his success as Mister Austria, Roman Schindler has not only achieved impressive physical aesthetics, but has also developed a high level of discipline and expertise in training and nutrition. He has many years of experience in the fitness sphere and has helped countless people achieve their fitness goals.

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