This is what happens in your cells when you fast

This is what happens in your cells when you fast

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Dear Diary,

Imagine, this morning I woke up and everything was different. Somehow the nutrients from my human's breakfast were not delivered to my cell membrane as usual. My human seems to have decided to stop eating for a while. People call this “fasting.”

It was a bit strange at first because I usually get all my energy from the food my human eats. But today I had to tap into my energy reserves, i.e. convert everything that was still lying around unused into energy.

I felt my energy stores slowly depleting and I started producing ketones. These small fuel molecules helped me to continue to have energy and accomplish my tasks.

During this time I had to be particularly smart and use resources sparingly. I focused on the essential tasks and tried to avoid unimportant things. This gave me the opportunity to concentrate on what was important and to regenerate. That made me a little tired, but my neighbors felt the same way. We worked together to clean ourselves and prepare for the restart.

I'm excited to see what happens in the next few days and will keep you updated, my dear diary.

Stay cell fresh,


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