This is what happens in your cells when you take an ice bath

This is what happens in your cells when you take an ice bath

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Dear Diary,

I was woken up ungentle this morning. My human usually starts the day comfortably and feeds the gut cells with coffee, which affects the whole body and slowly wakes us all up.

However, at 7 a.m. the temperature dropped rapidly. I immediately felt blood rushing through my membrane. It was like a small river that suddenly flowed faster. I immediately absorbed all the nutrients I could get. That was really amazing because normally the supply of nutrients is not that intensive this early in the morning.

To counteract the cold, my human's body sent over some of the adrenaline messengers. These caused my mitochondria and organelles to suddenly work at high speed to produce enough energy to keep my human warm.

After a while I started to get used to the cold. The cold receptors in the skin sent signals to the brain. The brain then sent over some of the nice endorphin messengers. They always spread such a good mood among us cells and ensure relaxation and well-being.

As the cold subsided, I felt refreshed, strengthened and motivated for the day. There's a rumor going around that my human took an "ice bath" - sounds like a very crazy thing if you ask me. But somehow it worked, even though it was unusual.

Stay cell fresh,


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