The perfect fasting-combination for your cells.


The perfect combination for fasting

Fasting is not always easy, which is why three successful Austrian companies have joined forces and put together the perfect starter kit for fasting. Because we want to prove - fasting is possible everywhere and at all times. Decades of fasting experience from the Kurhaus Marienkron, beneficial herbs in pharmacopoeia quality from the Kräuterhaus KOTTAS and innovative food supplements from spermidineLIFE®; that's all it takes for success .

With a pack of spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ 1 mg and a pack of Marienkroner fasting tea, the perfect foundation for successful fasting has been laid. For an additional impulse - to pay even more attention to your own health after the fasting cure at home - a 200 euro voucher for the next stay at the Kurhaus Marienkron is integrated in the Marienkron fasting tea pack.

Available online and in pharmacies.

Healing withdrawal.

Everyone knows the classic fasting periods and many people do not follow them or only half-heartedly. It is often propagated as a relic from earlier times, but quite the opposite: especially in recent years, the time-honoured fasting has been medically examined again and again and is experiencing a real boom. And not without reason. Fasting is a true miracle concept. It is not for nothing that it is known worldwide and has been for thousands of years.

Phases of hunger are evolutionary. This is how our earlier ancestors were able to remain efficient even during periods of hunger, so that they could continue to hunt and gather. Today, fasting acts as a healing shock to our bodies. It triggers the body's own cleansing mechanisms such as autophagy - the recycling system of the cells. In this process, old and damaged cell components are broken down into their smallest units and used to regenerate the cells.

Autophagy - the body's own cell renewal system.

During cellular functions, "cellular waste" accumulates in the cells, making the cells tired and sluggish. We begin to age on a cellular basis. Regular cell renewal (autophagy), which removes "cellular waste" from cells, keeps them active and regenerates them. The process of autophagy can be stimulated in several ways. One - and recent research has confirmed this - is fasting.

spermidineLIFE® Original 365+ also supports cell renewal.1 It consists of natural wheat germ extract with a high spermidine content, vitamin B1 and zinc..

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Complex challenge. Simple solution.



Dietary supplement from spermidine-rich wheat germ extract, zinc and vitamin B1.


Spermidine-rich wheat germ extract, zinc gluconate, thiamine hydrochloride.

Coating agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, food starch-modified, shellac, talc, glycerin.

Composition per recommended daily dose:

Per daily doseAmount% NRV*
Wheat germ extract800 mg-
of which Spermidine1 mg-
Thiamine (vitamin B1)0,17 mg15%
Zinc1,5 mg15%

* Reference quantity for daily intake according to EU Food Information Regulation

Directions of Use

Take 2 capsules daily with liquid after a meal. Do not exceed the specified recommended daily amount.

A caffeinated herbal tea with green tea!

The Kurhaus Marienkron in Mönchhof was founded by nuns 50 years ago and reopened in 2019 after a general renovation with a new concept "Health begins in the gut". Nutrition and fasting are an essential part of the therapy.

Our Marienkron Lent Tea is intended to reflect the common values of tradition as well as high quality standards.


Nettle leaf, Dandelion, Cheese poplar, Green tea, Coriander, Milk thistle herb, Peppermint leaf.The herbal blend is packed in 20 double chamber filter bags of 1.4g, dosed ready for use, ingredient and aroma protected.

Total Fill Weight

28g 20 x 1,4g / 20 filter bags


Pour boiling water over 1 filter bag per cup. Cover and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes. Then squeeze the filter bag well and drink the tea lukewarm in sips.


The tea contains caffeine, so we recommend drinking 1-2 cups until noon to accompany fasting.


Do you already know spermidineLIFE® Original Pro+?

Internal long-term studies and tests have shown that the spermidineLIFE® products show the full potential of the positive effects especially when taken regularly and long-term. However, you can enhance these effects by giving your cell renewal an extra boost twice a year, again followed by another phase with lower spermidine intake.1

And that's exactly why we have developed the spermidineLIFE® OriginalPro+ drinking cure with 6 mg spermidine per sachet - for the extra boost of your cell renewal.1

The spermidineLIFE®Original Pro+cure contains 100% natural and clinically tested spermidine from wheat germ, highly dosed in CelVio Complex. In addition to this, CelVio Complex also contains large amounts of spermine and putrescine, which are a guarantee of the extract's 100% naturalness.