The Success Story of Longevity Labs+ AND Brand New: spermidineLIFE® Immune

The Success Story of Longevity Labs+ AND Brand New: spermidineLIFE® Immune

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After the recent successes of our company and questions about our background, we would like to tell a bit more about the history of Longevity Labs+. Besides, we are achieving the next milestone in our company’s history today: With spermidineLIFE® Immune we are launching a product specifically for immune cells for the first time.

It all started in 2016. At that time, the University of Graz celebrated a breakthrough in its research on the substance spermidine, which led to a new business idea. But what should we do with this unprecedented, innovative idea? The answer was to found a spin-off: our company Longevity Labs+ was born.

Our Managing Directors Herbert Pock and Gerald Sitte put all their eggs in one basket: they established a headquarters and production site in Graz, Austria, which was the first health start-up dedicated to the research and development of substances that support the renewal of our cells. Until then, there had been neither a business model for a product for our cells, nor a process for the natural production of the substance spermidine.

A special extraction process was developed in close cooperation with universities and researchers in the following months, which allows us to obtain natural spermidine from wheat germ using pure water. This was the foundation for spermidineLIFE®—the first natural nutritional supplement worldwide made from spermidine-rich wheat germ extract.

The promising research results of various international research groups predicted good prospects for our idea, which was developed in 2016. In fact, they were so good that it prompted former Vice Chancellor of Austria and investor Hannes Androsch to act. In 2017, he was so convinced of Longevity Labs+ that he became the main sponsor in our company with passion and a three-million-euro investment.

Thanks to this additional boost, we were able to develop our product to market maturity and receive EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) approval—we were labeled a “novel food” due to the novelty and uniqueness of spermidineLIFE®.

In February 2019 the moment finally arrived: After three years of preparatory work, spermidineLIFE® was launched in Austria and Germany. This was a major milestone for our staff of 5 at the time. Meanwhile, we export our products globally and established a branch in the US in 2020. In addition, we have sales partnerships in Asia, Latin America and other regions in the world. We could only achieve all this thanks to the help of our 32 researchers, entrepreneurs, and creative heads that are part of our team—which includes more than 60% women, a fact that we are proud of! They all have one thing in common: a shared passion for science!

This focus is deeply ingrained in our company’s DNA and motivates us every day. Our job is to use scientific findings to translate the challenges of everyday life into products that support the natural processes in our body—because nature is our model.

This aspiration has brought us here and to the next milestone in the history of our company:

In October 2020, we will launch our new product spermidineLIFE® Immunity+!

spermidineLIFE® Immunity+ supports your cell renewal, and especially your immune cells. It contains an innovative combination of spermidine-rich natural wheat germ extract, shiitake mushroom powder, immunoactive micronutrients (vitamin C and zinc), and vitamin B1.

The ingredients Vitamin C and zinc are proven to maintain health and contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. Furthermore, zinc has an important role in the process of cell division and contributes to a normal DNA and protein synthesis.

We rely on nature and natural contents again for our new product. This includes shiitake mushrooms (lentinula edodes), which have been prized for centuries in Asia due to their contents. And, as always, you can rely on our high-quality standards for spermidineLIFE® Immunity+.

There is just one more question: Why spermidineLIFE® Immunity+? We all know that our immune system, including our immune cells, have to meet particularly high requirements during these times—low temperatures and cold winds are exacerbated by personal factors, such as stress during these hectic times. This creates almost ideal conditions for viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. We developed the product spermidineLIFE® Immunity+ specifically for this important everyday challenge to provide optimal support to our immune system and our immune cells. spermidineLIFE® Immunity+ is now available in pharmacies and in our online store.

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