Interview with Sarah Settgast: This is what the designer says about spermidineLIFE®

Interview with Sarah Settgast: This is what the designer says about spermidineLIFE®

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Sarah Settgast, German eyewear designer, illustrator, author and publisher, is a remarkable personality with a wealth of creativity. She is not only a publisher, but also dedicated to illustrating children's books. Today we want to find out how she preserves her youth.



Sarah, the most important question first: How did you come to the attitude: "The body ages, but in our minds we always remain children"?

Regarding my attitude or thoughts such as "The body ages, but in spirit we always remain children," I came to realize that the mind often retains its vitality even when the body succumbs to the ravages of time. As I grew older and met people who had gained a certain amount of life experience, it became clear to me that a healthy mind retains the curiosity and openness of a child. In my experience, a person's inner world remains at a certain level of development while the body slowly ages. This discrepancy fascinated me and made me think about it.


What do you do to preserve your youth and not lose your inner child?

In order to preserve my youth and not lose my inner child, I take care of my inner and outer health equally. I am convinced that our diet has a strong influence on our well-being - "you are what you eat", as the saying goes. Of course, I don't always manage to eat perfectly, but I make sure to give my body the nutrients it needs. I also practice a healthy lifestyle by not drinking alcohol, not smoking, going for regular walks and preferring a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. I listen to the signals from my body and therefore quickly realized that spermidine LIFE ® is good for me. I felt positive changes, such as fewer headaches, more restful sleep and increased vitality.


How did you discover spermidine LIFE ® and what makes us special for you?

My encounter with spermidine LIFE ® was a stroke of luck. I was given the opportunity to try it out and was naturally skeptical at first. But after a month I noticed how I felt better and healthier, which convinced me. As with my diet, I also pay attention to how my body reacts when taking nutritional supplements. I then did a lot of research and came across many scientific studies, including in the area of ​​brain support in old age, which really impressed me. Because it is my wish to stay mentally fit as I get older.


We know that your mum has been taking spermidine LIFE ® for a while. Why did you recommend it to her?

After having had very good experiences with spermidine LIFE ® , I recommended it to my mother, who had been suffering from health problems for a long time. I was able to see first-hand how it supported her in her life. Overall, she felt better and more vital. The fact that she noticed a significant deterioration when she had to stop taking it for a week underlines for me that she should continue taking spermidine LIFE ® .



If you had one wish for a fulfilling old age, what would you wish for?

If I could make one wish for a fulfilling old age, it would be to stay physically and mentally fit. Because I believe that a healthy and fulfilling life is possible at any age.

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