Biohacking for the immune cells by Hormesis

Biohacking for the immune cells by Hormesis

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Want to toughen up your immune cells? With a visit to the infrared sauna, breathing exercises, a walk in the sun or cold therapy you hack your immune cells and harden them against infections.

Biohacking programs our body, as we here have already reported. For example, we can achieve either performance enhancement or stress resistance. But also the resistance of our body can be hacked.

So we can improve our immune cells to be less susceptible to infections. That sounds great during the peak cold season, doesn't it?

The magic word for this is "Hormesis". This means nothing more than "What doesn't kill you makes you tougher!" So for example also purposeful stress for the body. Now many will say: Stress? But otherwise it is always said that stress is bad for our cells? And you are absolutely right! Long-term psychological stress is bad for our cells and inhibits their autophagy process.

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